Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Royal Agricultural Fair Debut

We had the great pleasure of debuting The Oliver Ranch Company at the 85th Anniversary of the Ontario Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is the premier event in Ontario for beef cattle and dairy breeders, who show their prized heifers, bull calves, cows, and bulls. Huge, cattle sized blow dryers and glitter paint everywhere, you have never seen such pampered livestock (or cute kids).

The highlight for us was talking to consumers and farmers from throughout Ontario and Quebec about our new online marketplace for connoisseur quality, natural or organic beef.

In particular, we want to thank two gentlemen from Hamilton, Ontario, who officially became the first in Ontario to place an order for our exquisite beef.

They wisely selected one of our Discover Beef Experience tasters packs and I hear they plan to host a New Year's steak-tasting extravaganza. They'll be comparing Dry Aged Charolais, Dry Aged 100% Black Angus, Wet Aged Friesian, and Wet Aged Wagyu - Angus Cross (sometimes known as "Kobe-Style" beef). Looking forward to the results. So far, there's no clear winner, each style has been "favorited" many times.

Hats off to Bill Duron and team who put on this fabulous fair each year. And thanks to Carl Cosack, my colleague and owner of Peace Valley Ranch and Rawhide Adventures, Adrienne, Leah van Draanen-Earwaker, Steve Earwaker, Jo-Anne van Draanen, Brian Belanger, and Jenna van Draanen-Earwaker for helping us in the booth.

Finally, thanks to Myna, Connie, and Wanda from the Ontario Potato Growers and to Dave, Erin, Scott, Richard, and the other fine folks from the Wheat, Soybean, and other seed boards who entertained us with the Farmers Feed Cities roulette wheel. (If you got three 7s, you got a free T Shirt.) Best neighbors you could have!

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